Facilities and their solid surfaces take a beating every day. Instead of letting building maintenance issues and surfaces degrade to the point of replacement, schedule regular repair and restoration to return your facilities and surfaces to like-new condition again – at a fraction of the cost of replacing.


Only ISI Integrated has the skill and expertise to deliver the results you expect. All the nicks, scratches, gouges, wear and tear that come with everyday usage disappear. When it’s said and done, your building and solid surfaces look as great as the day they were installed.

Commercial: Building Maintenance Services


Commercial real estate properties can take quite a beating. As time goes on, their age starts to show which can decrease the property’s value and attraction. Total renovations take time and money and the process itself can be a hassle for owners, managers and occupants.


Regularly scheduled building maintenance lets you keep your properties in excellent condition. When integrated to be a part of your operations schedule, complete renovations can be put off and done when you want to, not because you have to.


Install Solutions Integrated acts as your on-call building maintenance team, handling the most minor to serious issues, including:


  • Adjust door hardware
  • Interior upgrades
  • Finish rehabilitation
  • Retail improvements
  • Sheetrock and finish work
  • LEED compliance services
  • And many other maintenance issues


Our building maintenance covers interior and exterior work for a one-stop source for your convenience.

Commercial: Surface Maintenance Program Delays Replacing Solid Surfaces


When you have dozens or hundreds of solid surface areas, the cost to replace them is astronomical. Not to mention the inconvenience of construction work, the downtime, the mess, the dust and clean-up to factor in.


Delay replacing your solid surfaces with a quality Surface Maintenance Program as part of your Operations & Maintenance.


ISI customizes a program to your facility, taking into account the surface materials, the occupants and usage. We restore solid surfaces facility-wide on a regular basis for:


  • Housing departments
  • Rental communities
  • Educational facilities
  • Restaurant & hospitality chains
  • Public facilities
  • Healthcare offices & hospitals
  • Commercial real estate


Any interior space that sees high traffic and use like kitchens, baths and common areas and must be returned to a clean and sanitized condition.

Under Warranty: Solid Surface Repair

Solid surface manufacturers’ warranty their materials against a variety of conditions. If your solid surfaces need repair work that is under warranty, trust ISI Integrated to handle it. Having worked with and installed all of the major brands in buildings across the Kansas City metro, no one has more experience than we do.

Residential: Bring Your Kitchen and Bath Countertops Back to New Condition


Your countertops used to be a beautiful focal point of your kitchen or bath. You invested a lot of money in them. But these are some of the most used areas of your home and they begin to show wear and tear.


ISI Integrated can repair and restore your surfaces to like-new condition. Don’t spend the money to replace them when repair and restoration from our experts delivers the same results at a fraction of the price.

Three Benefits of Our Building Maintenance and Solid Surface Repair & Restoration Programs

They’re cost effective and minimize downtime.
Building maintenance and restoring surfaces shouldn’t inconvenience occupants. We’ve perfected the process of both to remove signs of wear without wearing out our crew’s welcome. If you didn’t know better, you’d think we’d started from scratch or installed brand new surfaces

Solid surface repair is a dust-free process.
This process helps keep the rest of your facility clean and safe. If you have ever restored other elements like wood floors, etc., then you know how important a dust-free sanding process is. We tackle maintenance issues the same way, doing everything possible to minimize mess and inconvenience.

They’re environmentally kind.
Anytime you repair and reuse existing building and surface materials instead of sourcing new, it’s good for the environment. As a LEED/EBOM-driven firm, we champion reuse and restoration over replacement whenever possible. (Unfortunately, solid surface refurbishment doesn’t earn LEED points.)

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